Smart Start

Yesterday was the day Stellenbosch woke up with an orange sun. Jonkershoek was burning and it seems to me that weather affects Capetonians more than our other half up North. #Jozi.  Down here, we talk about the weather a lot. Its a great determining factor. Its the director of our days. So that orange sun with that eerie milky sky with ash lying and flying everywhere made the concept of something changing, very real to me.
We’ve been gloomy for a week as the Cape was litterally burning the whole of last week and one of our firefighters succumbed to its power. Then last night, late i saw this picture
And it all became very clear to me that this is a phoenix moment. Out there on our mountains and in my life as well as in those souls who’s paths are going to cross mine in the time to come. So what is to come will be my Ode to That Great Wisdom.