knot so

Knot So

My father’s uncle worked in a bank in Johannesburg when i was small. He collected all the post office rope from the packages and parcels they received and passed it on to us for use, in whatever way…. I saved a little roll and just kept it with me through the many times i moved house, cities and continents. I use it as a prop now.

This lovely knotted hairstyle of a young bavarian farm girl, is a page from an ‘Interview’ magazine. Before Pinterest we had to tear pages from our favorite magazines 😉

Being the hoarder that i am, you can imagine the piles of pictures i collected, anyway, here’s another:

Some beautiful indian man selling water lilies, from a newspaper page i kept. My Rope & What Knot Obsession goes on to this day. Here are some more contemporary finds: The ideal bit of rope:


And THIS IS HOW i rediscovered my love of the knot:

After watching ‘The secret of Roan Inish’, one thing stayed with me for some time afterwards: Fiona and her cousin goes over their knowledge of knots, like homework before a test. Traditional fisherman’s knots i suppose they were- but first something about the movie:

10 Year old Fiona Connely goes to visit her Grandparents in a vishing village in Donegal and her curious mind leads the way for her to discover her true identity and her family roots.

the film illustrates the ancient selkie legend which is something i really struggled to imagine what with a seal turning into a woman and how she finds her skin after a very long time and returns to the sea. I get it now, visually, i mean. It was beautifully done and i understand now that it is a ‘woman who run with wolves’ kind of thing. Return to Self.

This little boy gets looked after the seals for some time and whenever he gets a fright he jumps in that beautiful little wooden cradle and rocks his little boat back to the deep, you have to see it!

I am no girl scout so i never learned my knots BUT I thought it a great opportunity to teach my kids some knots and maybe apply it to a thing or two. Next 2 photographs from , go see:

diamond knot

eternity knot

Love the lines and i do love a natural fiber, woven rope.
Knotting to the max: Macrame by Sarah Pakes. Look at her other work.

and lets end with another beautiful collection from a noble savage. Why not: